Re: problem pasting tabs

On Thu, Apr 17, 2003 at 12:50:50PM +0400, Dmitry Semyonov wrote:

Two possibilities.

1. Deselect 'Return does autoindent' in editor options.

Nice hint, it turns out to work with other editors too, e.g. in vim you
have to ":set noautoindent" (":set noai" if you are a very busy/lazy

A somewhat related question: when copying lines from mc's (4.5.55) "file
view" window, I get the lines padded up with spaces (I mean: beyond the
last non-blank character and until the end of the line): can I do
something to avoid this (i.e. having newline right after the last
non-blank char of the line)?

This appears to be an mc-related problem, because it doesn't happen when
copying lines from other applications executed in an xterm (e.g. vim,
lynx etc).

Thank you all for reading (and to all mc developers for their good job)


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