Re: problem pasting tabs

Two possibilities.

1. Deselect 'Return does autoindent' in editor options.

works... thankyou...

2. Upgrade to mc-4.6.0 or later. It uses shift+Enter as non-indenting
 alternative of Enter.

shift-enter works same as enter for me

Shift+Enter behaviour depends on the way you are connected to a
terminal. For example, it does not work for me over ssh connections,
while working fine when I'm using mc directly on my workstation.

There is a section in mc's TODO list that says something about `shift'
modifier. May be it is related with the problem somehow, but I don't
know for sure.
eh not a big deal... actually i see some other advantages
of disabling it... anyways the paste problem is fixed,
so it's fine.... would be nice if mc detected a middle-click
paste and temporarily disable autoindent... this
would be the ideal solution, but i think the pasting is
handled by the term...

anyways thx, Nehal

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