Re: how can I start MC in my language?


I've installed latest version of MC. Fortunately, Mongolian language was
added. How can I start the MC in my native language? Please, help me.

You forgot to mention your operating system.  You may find this document

The generic answer is that you should set your locale, which is normally
done by setting the environment variable LANG.  More details can be found
in the file ABOUT-NLS included with the Midnight Commander distribution.
If you are using bash or another shell compatible with Bourne shell, you
can use this command:

LANG=mn_MN mc

The problem is that glibc doesn't know this locale yet as of version
2.3.2.  If you look in the glibc sources, there is no file

Mandrake Linux distributes Mongolian locale.  If you are using glibc, but
not Mandrake Linux, you may want to recompile glibc with the mn_MN file
from the Mandrake package, which I'm attaching.

Shame to other posters who didn't bother to check facts.

Pavel Roskin

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