Re: Problems with Redhat 8 in console window

Date sent:              Mon, 07 Apr 2003 02:56:00 -0500
From:                   "Steven P.Ulrick" <spu faith4miracle org>
Subject:                Re: Problems with Redhat 8 in console window
To:                     mc gnome org
Organization:           Faith For Miracle Deliverance & Worship Center

On Sun, 06 Apr 2003 20:52:18 -0500
Myron Turner <turnermm shaw ca> wrote:

I used the rpm to load the latest mc onto Redhat 8.  It works fine
in a Gnome terminal  but not in the console, outside of the windows
environment.  In the latter case, there are no borders and the

Hello, Everyone :)
I've had exactly the same problem.  I've discovered that if I will
uninstall whatever version of MC that I'm trying and reinstall the
version that ships with Red Hat 8, then the problem goes away.  But if
I reinstall any version newer than the one that ships with Red Hat 8,
then the problem the Myron describes returns. When I installed Red Hat
8, I installed every package, so if there's a package on the Red Hat 8
cd's (I bought an official boxed set at CompUSA), then it's installed
on my system.  The only updates I have installed are the official Red
Hat 8 updates. I'll be looking forward to the solution to this :)

Steven P. Ulrick

Thanks for the tip.  I just checked my CD's and see that it's not on them, 
which is why I must have downloaded the current rpm.  

I initially tried to compile from source and got errors--perhaps this has 
something to do with the problems--i.e. somehow the rpm mamaged to by-
pass the compilation problem, with the result that on some systems mc runs 

P.S. Sorry if my original post turned up 3x--something screwy with Pegasus 
and the address.


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