Re: Problems with Redhat 8 in console window

On Sun, 06 Apr 2003 20:52:18 -0500
Myron Turner <turnermm shaw ca> wrote:

I used the rpm to load the latest mc onto Redhat 8.  It works fine in
a Gnome terminal  but not in the console, outside of the windows
environment.  In the latter case, there are no borders and the
background color does not complete cover all areas of the mc
window--in particular the mini-status window along the bottom of the
screen.  Also, the two directory windows are butted right up against
each other--which I guess goes with the fact that there are no borders
to separate them.  

Are there settings that I can change  to improve the appearance?


Myron Turner

Hello, Everyone :)
I've had exactly the same problem.  I've discovered that if I will
uninstall whatever version of MC that I'm trying and reinstall the
version that ships with Red Hat 8, then the problem goes away.  But if I
reinstall any version newer than the one that ships with Red Hat 8, then
the problem the Myron describes returns.
When I installed Red Hat 8, I installed every package, so if there's a
package on the Red Hat 8 cd's (I bought an official boxed set at
CompUSA), then it's installed on my system.  The only updates I have
installed are the official Red Hat 8 updates.
I'll be looking forward to the solution to this :)

Steven P. Ulrick

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