Re: [MC]: better FAQ.

Hi, Pavel!

I might be just me, but MC being just a folder in some unrelated site
feels cheap - and worse: not easy to remember.
You can use  It's long, but it's easy to

Yeah, too long - and I managed to mis-spell it first time I tried. 8-(

Anyway, talk about URL is going for too long. 
URL is not _that_ important.
Any hosting site where you like it will do.

We need a _real_ homepage first.

My friendly designer is looking into that.

Do you like to have also a new icon? Will it show somehow?
I remember cool white navy admiral's hat for NC icon... ;-)

Actually, the homepage is mentioned in the hints.  

Should be also on first help page, IMHO.
Now I understand it needs be translated and it is a pain.
Are you in contact with people who _might_ translate it?
Is anybody interested in using non-english version?
Do we want to slow down bug fixes and fixing docs
because of concerns of translating obsolete docs?

I guess discussion about docs should go to mc-devel. list, right?
Or, is it fine here? I am on way too many lists already... 8-(

I think that the
hints should be gradually removed and replaces with a clear interface
and clear, well organized documentation.

I never heard about _this_ clear interface and docs. ;-) And for really
powerfull tool, as MC is and plans to remain, is not possible (or maybe
even desirable).

I don't understand.  I have never read hints for The GIMP.  I have never
read its manual.  I have never played with settings that are not available
through the GUI.  Yet I can use it.  The same applies to Mozilla.  There
is nothing wrong with making the interface obvious to use.  Don't tell me
that it's impossible.

But all these programs are completely driven and managed by mouse, right?
So you have buttons or place on screen and stuff to click on. 
Main idea behind MC is, doing it all by keyboard.
Nowhere to click. Or mouse even does not work at all.
So user need to learn and remember keyboard commands first, 
later fingers will remember.
What I was using, was simple cheatsheet with key meaning.
More comprehensive than in help (no explanations).
I'll create it again.

Peter Masiar, 

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