Re: Copying filename to X clipboard

|Meanwhile, I'm planning to use the above approach to implement 
|copying the selected fragment from the mc built-in editor to 
|the clipboard. 

]- that will be superb :") ... i use mcedit for almoust all editing..
Otherwise i have tested the whole bunch of xclip, xselection and many more which are doing clipboard 

xselection didn't work for me (it's very old); xclip works fine, except for the KDE bug.

it is bad that these utilities are not standard part of linux distros... From the day I learned the 
middle-mouse-key i don't use them, but as u wrote the are handy in situation like this ...

I really hate to have to use mouse when I'm in a terminal window...  xclip is a really basic facility that 
MUST be in every distribution. The philosophy of Linux is to provide command-line access to anything, so why 
X clipboard is an exception?

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