Re: [MC]: better FAQ.

Pavel Roskin wrote:
Hi, Peter!
mc.sgml is not a bad idea if used consistently (i.e. the manuals are
removed from CVS) and doesn't require patches to obsolete SGML tools, as

I agree, but I complain against FAQ in HTML.

the old version did. Maybe XML is better.

May be, but XML requires additional tools and knowledge.

nroff format is obsolete and
inconvenient.  It doesn't even support third-level headings (after .SH and
.SS), and they are needed.  It requires non-obvious tricks to highlight
words before dots and commas.

Don't blame nroff. mm package has 7 levels (.H1-.H7), and as rule it is possible to do all what you need in nroff + mm.

BTW, "File associations"  is more right name for "Extension File".

Andrew V. Samoilov

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