Re: [MC]: better FAQ.

Hi, Peter!

We need a _real_ homepage first.

My friendly designer is looking into that.


Do you like to have also a new icon? Will it show somehow? I remember
cool white navy admiral's hat for NC icon... ;-)

It's in the distribution in the "pc" directory and it's called
"mc_nt.ico".  It's used for the Windows build only.

Should be also on first help page, IMHO.

I'll think about it.  I'd like it to fit the screen on 80x25 terminals, so
there is not much free space there.  Maybe the authors should be listed on
the site rather than in the manual.

Now I understand it needs be translated and it is a pain. Are you in
contact with people who _might_ translate it?

Yes, but all are busy people.  I don't want to ask them to do trivial

Is anybody interested in using non-english version?

I often see reports with error messages in different languages.  
Translating a 100k manual is not much fun.  If somebody does it, them
somebody need it.

Do we want to slow down bug fixes and fixing docs because of concerns of
translating obsolete docs?

I'm mostly concerned about situations when the manual becomes misleading.  
If I change Alt-O behavior, I'll make sure that the manuals don't say that
it does something different.  I don't really care about fancy stuff like
homepage on the main help page.

I guess discussion about docs should go to mc-devel. list, right? Or, is
it fine here? I am on way too many lists already... 8-(

You can subscribe without getting mail (Mailman allows it).  You will get
replies if you are included in Cc:, and it's common practice here.

I don't understand.  I have never read hints for The GIMP.  I have
never read its manual.  I have never played with settings that are not
available through the GUI.  Yet I can use it.  The same applies to
Mozilla.  There is nothing wrong with making the interface obvious to
use.  Don't tell me that it's impossible.

But all these programs are completely driven and managed by mouse,
right? So you have buttons or place on screen and stuff to click on.  
Main idea behind MC is, doing it all by keyboard. Nowhere to click. Or
mouse even does not work at all.

OK, somewhere we should explain that Tab jumps between widgets and that
the keybar labels correspond to the functional keys.  It's too late to
explain it when mc is running already.

Pavel Roskin

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