Re: [MC]: better FAQ.

Peter Masiar <peter masiar yale edu> a tapoté :

Quoting Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org>:

MC is not part of GNOME.  GNOME hosts our mailing lists and CVS
MC's homepage mentions GNOME and URL is on GNOME. 
Both problems are fixed.  Thank you!  Actually, the reference to GNOME is 
left, but it's much closer to the reality now.

I assume that is more convenient for you to use,
than was I might be just me, but MC being just a folder 
in some unrelated site feels cheap - and worse: not easy to remember.

I checked - it is not taken yet. 
I can assume that sourceforge is here to stay - so this might be
permanent *respectable* homepage for MC. 
With CVS and stuff on GNOME as now.

Since promotes proprietary software* and since MC is part of
the GNU Project, it seems really unconvenient (and not *respectable*)..

BitKeeper issues are particulary explicit on the subject.

(* use proprietary software, is proprietary software, publish ads for
proprietary softwares)

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