Re: [MC]: better FAQ.

Quoting Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org>:

MC is not part of GNOME.  GNOME hosts our mailing lists and CVS
MC's homepage mentions GNOME and URL is on GNOME. 
Both problems are fixed.  Thank you!  Actually, the reference to GNOME is 
left, but it's much closer to the reality now.

I assume that is more convenient for you to use,
than was I might be just me, but MC being just a folder 
in some unrelated site feels cheap - and worse: not easy to remember.

I checked - it is not taken yet. 
I can assume that sourceforge is here to stay - so this might be
permanent *respectable* homepage for MC. 
With CVS and stuff on GNOME as now.

Does it ring with you?

Don't you think it will be usefull for newcomers here, 
if email footer has a link to MC homepage and FAQ? And archives?
People who want to find the homepage and the FAQ can find them.

You are right. I was just thinking how to made finding URL
to real MC homepage easy and obvious.

Actually, the homepage is mentioned in the hints.  I think that the hints
should be gradually removed and replaces with a clear interface and clear,
well organized documentation.

I never heard about _this_ clear interface and docs. ;-)
And for really powerfull tool, as MC is and plans to remain, 
is not possible (or maybe even desirable).

On the other hand, if the homepage changes (as it did while I was writing
this e-mail :-)), do you want to change it in 20 or 50 places, including
documents in the languages you don't understand?  What if those documents
require certain formatting? could stay for ever, IMHO.

In fact, lib/mc.hint.cs doesn't fit 80 columns after replacing with, and I cannot do anything to make it
shorter :-(

You are lucky guy! I can do it: 
My native language is Slovak, I can fix this for you!
(I removed "na" at the end of the line - not required)
Tip: Domácí stránka programu Midnight Commander je
or even:
Tip: Domácí stránka programu Midnight Commander je

You just cannot imagine how badly the project is locked with respect to
the documentation just because many contributors preferred to document
defects rather than fix them.

You are right, I cannot. ;-)

(3) At MC homepage, can we place link to FAQs into more prominent
I agree, the homepage needs more work.

Just simple reorder: put para3 first (what MC is), screenshots, FAQ
and HOW-TOs first (for newbies). Then, technical stuff for gurus.
Use [H2] FAQ [/H2] to make FAQ more visible. Not much of work, IMHO.

H2 meant for headers of sections of the second level.  I'm not using any
sections.  Besides, the homepage is a table - what sections can be in a

I meant to simple [FONT size="+4"] FAQ [/FONT].

I'll can ask my fiendly neighbor web designer to look 
at MC homepage, redesign it, and if you like it, take it.

Are you interested?

(6) About forgetting F-keys:
This bug bite me, too, before I realized what is going on. Bad news,
this bug will bite a novice when just experimenting with MC - and
scare her away from MC forever.
Also in TODO.

I have good experience with creating simple "cheat sheet"
with performance tips/quirks for beginners. Shorter that full FAQ.
We'll see.

I don't think this question is asked very often.  

Maybe because if this happens, beginner user will just abandon MC,
without even bothering to ask what happened. 8-(

Did you see src/TODO at all?  It's sorted already, and profile backup is 
planned for version 4.6.1.

I did not before - I just typed mc into shell - and it worked... ;-)
Now I did.

Do you mean in mc-4.6.0-pre1.tar.gz? IMHO, TODO is not sorted there.
ie, TODO file, in "* Documentation" section says about mc.sgml, mentions [3.x]

I want to get 4.6.0 released.  There are enough new features already.  
The translations are mostly frozen, unless the new string is an
alternative to "core dumped" (as it was with "Macro recursion is too

I did not realized there are translations to be taken care of.
OK. I will cool down and think.

Yeah, now I recall. Exactly as in NC... ;-)

I don't know what you mean.  If you mean my conservatism about new
dialogs, there are reasons for that.  Users have hard time finding "Learn
keys" even now.

Because FAQ does not mention that - in the first line! ;-)

Recommended reading:
In particular, looks at this:

Yeah, I am MultiEdit user for 10 years and still find this confusing.
Good site, thank you.

Peter Masiar, 

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