Re: [MC]: better FAQ.


I checked - it is not taken yet.  I can assume that
sourceforge is here to stay - so this might be permanent *respectable*
homepage for MC.

Not respectable.  There are many dead projects there.

With CVS and stuff on GNOME as now.

I'd rather move CVS because the anonymous CVS on GNOME is served by two
different servers, both of which have a significant lag (at least hours).  
So if I say "committed" in the mailing list, some users can get the
version before the commit from CVS.  Worse yet, if they update from
alternate servers, the files are "updated" back and forth.

I only tolerate this because the problem is rarely reported and I didn't
contact sysadmins about the issue yet.

Since promotes proprietary software* and since MC is part of
the GNU Project, it seems really unconvenient (and not *respectable*)..

Not only for that reason.

Pavel Roskin

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