Re: How to? Hot key current sort order.


On Wed, 23 Oct 2002, Mark Ryder wrote:

Looking for a way to hot key the current panels sort order options. 

Make Ctrl-Fx learnable.  This requires a major reorganization of the 
keyboard suppord and is planned after 4.6.0.

get_key_code() should encode the modifiers into the keycode.  
load_keys_from_section() should be able to parse strings like


correct_key_code() should convert Shift-F1 to F11 and do similar
conversions - sometimes get_key_code() will give more details than the
dialogs expect and can handle.

The rest is trivial - add those events to panel_keymap[] in screen.c and 
call toggle_listing_cmd() for the appropriate panel.

Pavel Roskin

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