Re: [MC]: zip issues, OFF TOPIC (one more time, sorry)

Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> a tapoté :


could the mailing list have reply-to:mc gnome org added to the headers 
so that default behaviour, reply, is to mailing list?

I know some mailing lists that do it, and it's very inconvenient.  If that
header is present, some software defaults to sending the reply to the
mailing list only, so if somebody is not subscribed, he or she doesn't get
the reply at all.

With the setup we have, you can choose between "reply" to the author and 
"reply to all".  I don't care that I receive some e-mail twice, but I do 
care that the discussion doesn't disappear from the list.

There is no _better_ option in the version of Mailman used on

Any way, some pretty good mailer can deleted duplicates mails.

Mathieu Roy
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