Re: [MC]: better FAQ.

Do you like to have also a new icon? Will it show somehow? I remember
cool white navy admiral's hat for NC icon... ;-)

It's in the distribution in the "pc" directory and it's called
"mc_nt.ico".  It's used for the Windows build only.

I am using attached icon and I like it.

Note brightcyan on blue.  Note selection on the right panel.  It must be 
an icon for something else.  Also there is something strange on the 
border, including a transparent area on the left.

The icon that is was created specifically for mc is included with
Cooledit.  I'm attaching it.  You can also make icons by running mc in
xterm with font "nil2".

I'm still not sure if we need any graphics on the homepage.  I hope that 
the designer is aware that mc is a text mode program.

Pavel Roskin

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