Re: Norton Commander?


There is one more clone of NC for Windows  it is Far Manager
I like this FAR very much.


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it is also the same case with me. i used norton commander quite a lot in
age and early stage of win95. but now nc can't be used under NT4.0 and
and Unix and Linux.
so for NT4.0 & Win98, i turn to volkov commander, for Unix & Linux, i turn
to MC.
all are clones of nc.

it seems that not only semantec doesn't give out nc free, but also it
doesn't sell nc now. from semantec's homepage, i can't find a sale item
nc5.0 -- my old flame.


Xu Qiang

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Subject: Norton Commander?

Why arent there any references to Norton Commander, the application that
Midnight Commander stems from? I use MC because i have used NC since its
first version on DOS long ago. I think it would be fair to atleast
reference Nortons application since that in its time was groundbreaking.
When i found MC in linux i akmost jumped of joy since i could do
everything without any hassle whatsoever since MC is almost identical to


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