Re: [MC]: zip issues, ftp wants, and others (was: Re: Norton Commander?)


could the mailing list have reply-to:mc gnome org added to the headers 
so that default behaviour, reply, is to mailing list?

I know some mailing lists that do it, and it's very inconvenient.  If that
header is present, some software defaults to sending the reply to the
mailing list only, so if somebody is not subscribed, he or she doesn't get
the reply at all.

With the setup we have, you can choose between "reply" to the author and 
"reply to all".  I don't care that I receive some e-mail twice, but I do 
care that the discussion doesn't disappear from the list.

There is no _better_ option in the version of Mailman used on

 > 1) Forgetting keys.  There are two known cases when it can happen.
 > One is mc linked with ncurses, running on xterm under heavy load (e.g.
 > unpacking a bzip2 archive).  The other is running one mc from another
 > and then switching to the first and to the second mc (i.e. press
 > Ctrl-O Ctrl-O Ctrl-L).

could be happenning on either cases. I do alot of work with various 
archivers (I like collecting useless junk), as well as all my Linuxen 
are servers only so all my mc'ing is through ssh/screen (does that count 
as xterm'ing?). Currently my sollution is to have mc alias that first 
overwrites /.mc/ with contents from /.mc.good/ so that it never looses 
my key settings.

Well, I think I was wrong that it was fixed.  I checked src/profile.c, and
it overwrites the existing profile without making backups.  So if you
close xterm by Alt-F4 at the wrong time, you lose your configuration.  
Only the hotlist is backed up, but not anything else.  So typical for mc -
lots of good intentions and no consistency :-( is down today, but it's a planned downtime.  It should be up 

Pavel Roskin

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