RE: Midnight Commander on Sun Sparc 2.5 with SunOS5

Hi, Roskin: 

Thanks for your reply. 
I don't know i can't send html email in this mailing list. From now on, i
will send only plain text mails. Thanks for your reminding. 

Yes, I am using mc-4.5.55. From your words, i understand that what i have
met is a known bug of version 4.5.55, isn't it? 

Another question, in Sun workstation (mine is Sparc with SunOS 5) , how can
i remove softwares i "make install" before? 


Xu Qiang

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Your message to the list was rejected because it was in HTML.  Please 
don't send HTML to the mailing lists that don't specifically allow it.

Hi, MC users:  I want to install Midnight Commander in my Sparc
workstation with SunOS 5.  Yet I met some problems.  I do "sh
configure", "make", "make install" in turn. And the first two steps go
smoothly.  When I "make install", there are some error messages:
make: Fatal error: Don't know how to make target "install-data-local" 
Current working directory /tmp/.../mc-4.5.55/doc-gnome/C
***Error code 1

I'm assuming you are using version 4.5.55.  You should try version 
4.6.0-pre1 or the latest snapshot.  This problem was fixed by removing 
doc-gnome directory.

And although i can run mc now, i have only black and white interface in
xterm or cshell, not a colored one. 

This bug was also fixed after 4.5.55 and before 4.6.0-pre1.

And i can't do drag & drop with mouse in MC. 

This still doesn't work and I don't think it will ever work.

Any of you have had the same experience as I? and any solution to it? 

I remember seeing similar reports about failures in the "doc-gnome"  

Pavel Roskin

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