Re: Midnight Commander on Sun Sparc 2.5 with SunOS5

"Xu, Qiang (XSSC SGP)" <Xu Qiang xssc sgp xerox com> a tapoté :

Hi, Roskin: 

Thanks for your reply. 
I don't know i can't send html email in this mailing list. From now on, i
will send only plain text mails. Thanks for your reminding. 

Yes, I am using mc-4.5.55. From your words, i understand that what i have
met is a known bug of version 4.5.55, isn't it? 

Another question, in Sun workstation (mine is Sparc with SunOS 5) , how can
i remove softwares i "make install" before? 

Generally, a Makefile that provide a command make install provide a
make uninstall. 

It means that to remove properly the software installed  from the
sources, sources may be needed.


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