gentoo MC info

I have installed ::
bash-2.05a# qpkg -I -v mc 
gnome-extra/mc-4.6.0_pre1 *

I.e. it is in extra not in base..
But the latest  .ebuild is pre4 (mc-4.6.0-pre1.tar.gz)
Haven't synced protage from a week or so...  
No patches in the ebuild /files directory.. only digests ..

Don't know how to find which patches are apllied, if u tell me how i will do it..
If u want i can send u the .tar.gz source and ebuild dir...

The .ebuild ChangeLog is :
# ChangeLog for gnome-extra/mc
# Copyright 2002 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.; Distributed under the GPL
# $Header: /home/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/gnome-extra/mc/ChangeLog,v 1.14 2002/11/14 09:43:44 seemant Exp $

*mc-4.6.0_pre1-r4 (13 Nov 2002)

  13 Nov 2002; Brad Cowan <bcowan gentoo org> mc-4.6.0_pre1-r4.ebuild,    
  files/digest-mc-4.6.0_pre1-r4, files/man2hlp.c :

  Replaced man2hlp.c with a cvs version recommended by upstream dev's,
  still trying to fix problem with /var/tmp filling up.

*mc-4.6.0_pre1-r3 (10 Nov 2002)

  10 Nov 2002; Brad Cowan <bcowan gentoo org> mc-4.6.0_pre1-r3.ebuild,    
  files/digest-mc-4.6.0_pre1-r3 :

  Removed troublesome man2help translations, hopefully finally fixed
  problem with /var/tmp filling up.

*mc-4.6.0_pre1-r2 (29 Oct 2002)

  29 Oct 2002; Brad Cowan <bcowan gentoo org> mc-4.6.0_pre1-r2.ebuild,    
  files/digest-mc-4.6.0_pre1-r2 :
  Updated snapshot.

*mc-4.6.0_pre1-r1 (23 Oct 2002)

  23 Oct 2002; Brad Cowan <bcowan gentoo org> mc-4.6.0_pre1-r1.ebuild,    
  files/digest-mc-4.6.0_pre1-r1 :
  Added snapshot patch to fix pam compile bug, closes bug #9424.

*mc-4.6.0_pre1 (22 Aug 2002)
  22 Aug 2002; Brad Cowan <bradlyatc cowancomputers com> mc-4.6.0_pre1.ebuild :
  ChangeLog, files/digest-mc-4.6.0_pre1 :
  Version bump with many bugfixes and improvements.

*mc-4.5.55-r5 (20 Jun 2002)

  20 Jun 2002; Seemant Kulleen <seemant gentoo org> mc-4.5.55-r5.ebuild
  files/digest-mc-4.5.55-r5 :

  Samba fixes from Maik Schreiber <bZ iq-computing de>,
  closes bug #3113.

*mc-4.5.55-r4 (11 Apr 2002)
  11 Apr 2002; Spider <spider gentoo org>
  Update all glib dependencies to use glib-1.2*  in preparation of unmasking the glib-2.0.1 packages

*mc-4.5.55-r4 (26 Mar 2002)

  26 Mar 2002; M.Schlemmer <azarah gentoo org> mc-4.5.55-r4.ebuild :

  Remove gnome support as it is broken currently.  Add the X use flag support.

*mc-4.5.55-r2 (22 Mar 2002)

  22 Mar 2002; Seemant Kulleen <seemant gentoo org> mc-4.5.55-r2.ebuild :

  LFH compliance: Matthew Kennedy submitted us this fix, which places the man
  pages into the /usr/share/man tree, instead of /usr/man.  This turns out to
  be more LFH compliant, in addition to placin the manpages where man knows to
  look for them (/usr/man is not in MANPATH).

*mc-4.5.55-r1 (10 Mar 2002)

  10 Mar 2002; Bruce A. Locke <blocke shivan org> mc-4.5.55-r1.ebuild :

  - NLS fixes submitted by seemant rocketmail com (Seemant Kulleen)
  - gpm dependency fix from homas raschbacher Netway at (LordVan(Thomas Raschbacher))

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