Re: transparent MC ?


]- Is this patch already updated on Gentoo .ebuild, so I can just do :

emerge mc

and "enjoy the silence" :"))... ooops the transparency..

I don't understand if it's a statement or a question.  Assuming that it's
a question, I tried to find the answer, but the documentation on the site doesn't give me information how to access the current
patch archives.

The only related stuff I could find was this:

There are no current patches there.  It's strange that mc is in
gnome-base.  Maybe it was relocated elsewhere, but I cannot find it.

It would be nice to find and review their patches.  I applied many useful
patches from Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake and PLD (Polish Linux
Distribution).  However, I cannot find Gentoo patches.  Your help will be

Pavel Roskin

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