Re: 4.6.0-pre1: cpio errors on RPMs


When I try to look at "CONTENTS.cpio", I get a popup saying "cpio:
premature end of file" and then "Empty output from child filter".

Try copying CONTENTS.cpio to a local filesystem and then open it there.
If you have "Empty output from child filter", then some external software 
is involved.  Do you have rpm and rpm2cpio in the path?

Browsing through the virtual file system works fine though...

You mean you can browse that RPM without entering CONTENTS.cpio, right?

I thought it couldn't be a Solaris-cpio problem (Solaris cpio is very
un-GNU), because mc uses its own cpio routines, if I understand
correctly. But: vfs/extfs/rpm uses an external cpio, which makes things
more complicated, but doesn't matter for me, I have GNU cpio in my path

My guess is that something is wrong with your rpm2cpio.

Pavel Roskin

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