Re: mcserv / slackware / shadow

Hello, Christian!

for two or more years now i have to twist some corners in order to use 
mcserv (very useful, indeed!) successfully in my slackware (now 8.0) 

I appreciate that you finally found time to report this problem.

---      Wed Aug 21 09:32:50 2002
+++       Thu Aug 22 12:10:05 2002

You should not be patching - it is generated by autoheader 

The logic in is to check for shadow.h only if function 
pw_encrypt has been found in -lshadow.  You must have pw_encrypt in some 
other library.  Maybe it's in libcrypt?  What happens if you don't add 
"-lcrypt" by hand?

if i don't do it this way, mcserv never accepts a password.

what am i missing?

My guess is that mcserv is using PAM, and it's configured not to accept 
the password for some reason.  That's one problem.

The other problem is that the shadow support is not enabled on your
system.  If you find the library that defines pw_encrypt(), it will be
easy to fix properly.  Sorry, I don't have Slackware around.

You probably also have the third problem, that you fixed by patching
mcserv.c.  But you should know that better.

Pavel Roskin

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