4.6.0-pre1: cpio errors on RPMs

[Disclaimer: I'm not on the list, but feel free to Cc: me. I'll try to
read answers in the web archive, nevertheless.]


I've just built mc-4.6.0-pre1. I'm having problems accessing RPM
(and source RPM) files on Solaris 2.6.

When I try to look at "CONTENTS.cpio", I get a popup saying "cpio:
premature end of file" and then "Empty output from child filter".

Browsing through the virtual file system works fine though...

I thought it couldn't be a Solaris-cpio problem (Solaris cpio is very
un-GNU), because mc uses its own cpio routines, if I understand
correctly. But: vfs/extfs/rpm uses an external cpio, which makes things
more complicated, but doesn't matter for me, I have GNU cpio in my path

No more info, sorry. (The problem seems to be there with mc-4.5.55 as
well, unless that old program is now using the newly - and elsewhere -
installed config files.

Thanks for listening,

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