Re: Annoying gmc

Hi, Zdzislaw!

As I can see people keep you busy all the time - sign your baby is in a very
good shape :-)

Not sure about the later part.

But from then whenever I login I discover a core dump in my home directory,
and unwanted instance of gmc running (it also tries to place cdrom and flopy
icons on my desktop, which aparently is not own by me but by the root -
reason for that core dump?)

There may be hundreds of reasons.  If you are really concerned, consider
debugging it with gdb and give more information (to the list, no to me
personally).  But usually there is no point in debugging 2 years old
software that has been actively developped since then.

So here is my question:
How can I turn starting gmc on login off?

With Ximian GNOME 1.4, you can just exit from gmc and it won't be
restarted.  To exit from gmc, open a gmc withow (e.g. Trash) and select
Commands->Exit from the menu.

If it doesn't work for you, consider an upgrade to Ximian 1.4 - go to

I'm runnig:

Red Hat 7.1
KDE 2.1

You are giving me version of KDE, but version of GNOME would be more
appropriate here :-)

[dishlav@ ~]% gmc -V
The Midnight Commander 4.5.51
Edition: Tk

It's very old. 4.5.55 is the latest version.  Ximian 1.4 ships 4.5.54.

Pavel Roskin

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