Re: MC 4.5.55 tagged, 4.5.x branch created


Cygwin support is very poor.  Both the viewer and the editor emit useless
warnings every time they are used.  But it compiles cleanly.

QNX Neutrino doesn't support subshell by default due to lack of SA_RESTART
support.  It can be compiled with SA_RESTART removed from the system
headers (which is the right thing IMO).  In this case mc works with bash,
but not with zsh.

BeOS is not supported due to serious limitations of its select() call - it
only works on sockets.

The native (non-cygwin) port for Win32 and OS/2 is out of date and does
not work, but can be fixed.

Maybe killing native win32 port is good idea? We have cygwin, right?
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