Mouse interface for text mc via console telnet


I want to configure a mouse interface for mc on my VT emulator in 
Windows. I connect to linux (SuSE 7.2 kernel 2.4.4) with the telnet 
terminal type = linux. 

How can I send the mouse clicks to the linux box? My emulator allows me 
to add scripted functions.  Currently I translate mouse clicks into certain 
keystrokes depending on position and content on the screen. 
It is not very elegant, and can be buggy because my script does not 
always know the status of mc or the cursor positions.
There should be a better method because it works so nicely in the text 
terminal window on the Linux box.

PS I'm logging into a Linux server via telnet from Windows.  I do not have 
much knowledge to go and upgrade or modify the s/w on the Linux server. 
It seems I should install some extra mouse handlers?

Ferdi             :-)
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