Re: MC 4.5.55 tagged, 4.5.x branch created

Hi, Pavel!

Can you, please, revert your changes to fsusage.c and mountlist.c, where you
removed inclusion of <sys/param.h>.

The problem is in the order of inclusion. I understand, tha global.h contains
<sys/param.h> inside, but, it's too late - other include files require <sys/
param.h> to be included before them, for example, mount.h.

I do like the idea of global.h as a place, where all common .h files are inc-
luded(actually, I introduced it), but in this case it gives more troubles, than

Or, we need to perfore more global cleanup of the headers nad order the properly..

Also, your cleanup of acconfig.h was too radical :) I wasn't able to regenerate
configure(with v.2.13) without bringing back HAVE_SOCKET, nlist_t and mode_t.

Another idea - mountlist, AFAIR, came to MC from fileutils, together with fsusage,
maybe, it's reasonable to update this files to the current state of fileutils?

With best regards,
            Timur Bakeyev.

P.S> BTW, why don't we use cyrillic to communticate :)?

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