Re: MC with SMB as VFS

Hi Pavel,

It looks like things with samba are getting better and better, and the 
current (2.2.2) version of samba builds a shared library named (whether it is a part of standard build is another thing - I 
haven't checked it yet).

Since I can't locate libsmbclient on my machine (and I'm running 
samba-2.0.10) I think it was not built in the past.

The list of the functions the library implements is as follows:
int smbc_init(smbc_get_auth_data_fn fn, int debug);
int smbc_open(const char *furl, int flags, mode_t mode);
int smbc_creat(const char *furl, mode_t mode);
ssize_t smbc_read(int fd, void *buf, size_t bufsize);
ssize_t smbc_write(int fd, void *buf, size_t bufsize);
off_t smbc_lseek(int fd, off_t offset, int whence);
int smbc_close(int fd);
int smbc_unlink(const char *furl);
int smbc_rename(const char *ourl, const char *nurl);
int smbc_opendir(const char *durl);
int smbc_closedir(int dh);
int smbc_getdents(unsigned int dh, struct smbc_dirent *dirp, int count);
off_t smbc_telldir(int dh);
int smbc_lseekdir(int fd, off_t offset);
int smbc_mkdir(const char *durl, mode_t mode);
int smbc_rmdir(const char *durl);
int smbc_stat(const char *url, struct stat *st);
int smbc_fstat(int fd, struct stat *st);
int smbc_chown(const char *url, uid_t owner, gid_t group);
int smbc_chmod(const char *url, mode_t mode);
int smbc_print_file(const char *fname, const char *printq);
int smbc_open_print_job(const char *fname);
int smbc_list_print_jobs(const char *purl, smbc_get_print_job_info fn);
int smbc_unlink_print_job(const char *purl, int id);

the first obstacle to make proper smbfs support for mc disappeared then (I 
looked at the one in the mc's sources, and searched the mc's archives to get 
an idea of the level of "hackery" you've been talking about).

If I have any further news on the subject I will let you know.

Best regards

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