Re: Appreciation for Midnight Commander

Hello, David!

Midnight Commander made the process much quicker and easier, since I could
move swiftly from source to target directories and perform various shell
commands and editing operations from within MC.

Thank you for your support.  It's very important for the developers to
realize that their efforts are appreciated and their software is actively

Sometimes media coverage of Linux and the Open Source movement gives the
impression that it is just a plaything for hackers--I'm here to testify
that high-quality free software makes all the difference in the world to
people like us, nonprofit publishers without much budget for software

Actually, the term "plaything for hackers" is quite applicable to many 
Open Source and Free Software projects, for example GNU/Hurd is one of 
them.  One the other hand, if we consider projects like Apache, they are 
very far from that definition.  MC is somewhere is between.  There is 
nothing bad in being "plaything for hackers" as long as the software 
remains useful and secure (or the users are advised about risks).

Pavel Roskin

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