RE: Appreciation for Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander made the process much quicker and 
easier, since I could
move swiftly from source to target directories and perform 
various shell
commands and editing operations from within MC.

Thank you for your support.  It's very important for the developers to
realize that their efforts are appreciated and their software 
is actively

I'll drink to that - I *love* mc - it is well used on all our linux systems
(we do some training on these) and I really miss it on Solaris and Windows.

The talk of a Windows port made me get quite excited!!

I have tried compiling on Solaris 2.7 but it  failed - much to my
disappointment (I'm not much of a compiler and I didn't have much time and I
wasn't on this list then, so I didn't report back, maybe this is well known



Abilitec - Three time winners at the Enterprise Awards 2001 as sponsored by
Lloyds TSB, Microsoft and The Financial Mail

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