Re: MC for raq4i aka redhat 6.2 - 2.2 kernel


Hello, Would someone be interested in making a rpm that would run on a
raq4i?....this is a redhat 6.2 , 2.2 kernel with no keyboard, or mouse
support as far
as I know....

I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not interested in any binaries because
there is no place where I can upload them.

I don't think that any of the MC developers has access to the official
GNOME FTP server.  It took quite and effort to put the source of mc-4.5.55
onto that server.  I don't want to mess with the binaries unless I have
direct access for uploading them.  I personally have no other place for
the binaries with the appropriate bandwidth.

MC includes an rpm specfile that makes it possible to create rpms using 
the following command:

rpm -tb mc-4.5.55.tar.gz

You are welcome to tell us what changes you made to the specfile to
compile MC on your platform.  They will be merged into the sources and 
will appear in the next version.

You can also try the latest snapshot from - it doesn't include GNOME support, so
it may be easier to compile.  You will need to rename the tarball to

Pavel Roskin

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