Re: Comments about Midnight Commander (better program)


Please don't cross-post to multiple lists and don't write directly to the
developers unless absolutely necessary!

 I wanted to ask you some questions on the program that I have not been able to
solve with the help neither with the use:

1) how can be created new sequences of keys and to change the existent ones, in
the Midnight Commander and in the mcedit (for example, how can I  assign "Ctrl-F5
" to the option "Show the size of the directories" or Ctrl-C to copy a marked text
in the mcedit)?

There is no support for key reassignment.

2) how can I change the colors of background... in the Midnight Commander and in
the mcedit?

Have you tried to run "man mc" ?

3) how can I make that in the directories appears <DIR> instead of "4096"?

Same question.  It's documented.  Search for "bsize" in the man page.

4) why the Advanced Midnight Commander, that Commander is more potent than the
Midnight, occupies much less space?

What space?  You mean space in memory as shown by top?  Maybe because it's
compiled with different settings, e.g. without internationalization,

5) how can you configure in the Midnight Commander the mask that appears for
defect when I press  the "+ of the numeric keyboard to mark files?

I think it's impossible.  But you may use Ctrl-h in the dialog to select a
recently used mask.

6) how can I indicate in the Midnight Commander two or but masks at the same time
to mark files with the "+ of the numeric keyboard?

If "shell patterns" are enabled in the configuration dialog use shell
patterns, e.g.


Otherwise, use regular expressions, e.g.


But the easiest way is to select files by consequitive "select" and
"unselect" commands instead of constructing complicated patterns.

 Also, I would like to propose some improvements that would make that the program
was better:

Don't even bother writing it unless you know how to implement it.  MC
developers already have TODO lists and they are never empty.

1) option to change the name (only) of a file or directory

Will be done after the 4.5.55 release in August.

6) to show a clock in screen

There is a patch for that in the list archives.

9) to erase files inside a compressed file

Already implemented to zip files.

10) to add files to a compressed file

The same.

12) specific option to select the language

It's wrong.  Use locale variables.

14) option in the mcedit to compile a file in c, to make a debug,...

Already implemented (menu on F11 in the editor).  Very buggy and
dangerous.  Will be fixed before 4.5.55.

Pavel Roskin

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