Comments about Midnight Commander (better program)

 Hello. I am user of the program Midnight Commander 4.5.54. I take a lot of time
using it. I believe that it is one of the best programs that have been made for
Linux. Thank you.

 I wanted to ask you some questions on the program that I have not been able to
solve with the help neither with the use:

1) how can be created new sequences of keys and to change the existent ones, in
the Midnight Commander and in the mcedit (for example, how can I  assign "Ctrl-F5
" to the option "Show the size of the directories" or Ctrl-C to copy a marked text
in the mcedit)?

2) how can I change the colors of background... in the Midnight Commander and in
the mcedit?

3) how can I make that in the directories appears <DIR> instead of "4096"?

4) why the Advanced Midnight Commander, that Commander is more potent than the
Midnight, occupies much less space?

5) how can you configure in the Midnight Commander the mask that appears for
defect when I press  the "+ of the numeric keyboard to mark files?

6) how can I indicate in the Midnight Commander two or but masks at the same time
to mark files with the "+ of the numeric keyboard?

 Also, I would like to propose some improvements that would make that the program
was better:

0) Protocol FXP (Server to Server Protocol) and FTP transfers without copying to
1) option to change the name (only) of a file or directory
2) option to compress files in: tar, gz, bz, zip, rar, ace, lha, arj, uc2,...
3) option to decompress normal files and self-extracting
4) to extend the search of files to the compressed files
5) option of dividing a file in other smaller ones
6) to show a clock in screen
7) option to compare two or more files for their content
8) option to make massive renamed
9) to erase files inside a compressed file
10) to add files to a compressed file
11) to replace a text for another in multiple files
12) specific option to select the language
13) to open two or more files at the same time in the mcedit to pass text among
14) option in the mcedit to compile a file in c, to make a debug,...
15) option in the mcedit to send e-mails with attachment
16) option to code files in MIME (Base64), UUEncode, XXEncode,... to send them for
e-mail like attachment
17) option of information of the system with: free hard disk, memory free RAM,
speed CPU, BIOS, version kernel,...

 If you can respond me I would be very grateful. Thank you again for this great
program.Comments about Midnight Commander (better program)

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