Re: tab space problem with edit

Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> writes:

Please close this bug - I have just fixed it in CVS.

Thanks a lot.  There are a few more gmc/mc bugs in redhat bugzilla.  I'd
like to go through today or monday and try to move them out as I don't
think anyone at Red Hat will be fixing them anytime soon.  I would like
to close them soonish; should I move them to gnome bugzilla?

I don't know how you are going to move bugs, but I believe that some
meta-information will be lost (e.g. submitter e-mail).

Maybe it's better that you set resolution to "wontfix".  I'll examine them
later.  Many of the bugs are interesting, some even include patches.

Okay.  I'll set them all as wontfix.  You can still search for it.


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