RE: Installation problems

Hi, Richard!

Config.log now shows the messages below (after I installed glib 1.2.10).  It
says it's finding GLIB 1.2.6.

I tried running /sbin/ldconfig - that didn't help.

Sorry I just don't know this: How do I remove the old version of GLIB?

If you are using RedHat you should use "rpm -e" to remove packages.  But
you probably don't want to do it with glib, since many packages depend on

MC requires glib-1.2.0 or above.  To my best knowledge MC has never
required a higher version.  glib-1.2.6 should be fine.

 printf("\n*** An old version of GLIB (%d.%d.%d) was found.\n",
               glib_major_version, glib_minor_version, glib_micro_version);
        printf("*** You need a version of GLIB newer than %d.%d.%d. The

This is quite useless.  I only can deduce that this test failed (since it
was dumped to config.log), but I don't see how, i.e. which of those
printf()s was actually executed.  It must be below this part.

Whenever you are reporting problems in software ALWAYS mention what
version of software you are using.

Please don't quote parts irrelevant to your message.

I'll ignore all your further messages if you don't mention what version of
Midnight Commander you are using.

Pavel Roskin

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