RE: Installation problems

Looked up Slang.  Interesting. And he seems to be a big time RDF user also.

Config.log now shows the messages below (after I installed glib 1.2.10).  It
says it's finding GLIB 1.2.6.

I tried running /sbin/ldconfig - that didn't help.

Sorry I just don't know this: How do I remove the old version of GLIB?

Many thanks.


Rich Katz

 printf("\n*** An old version of GLIB (%d.%d.%d) was found.\n",
               glib_major_version, glib_minor_version, glib_micro_version);
        printf("*** You need a version of GLIB newer than %d.%d.%d. The
latest v
ersion of\n",
               major, minor, micro);
        printf("*** GLIB is always available from\n";);
        printf("*** If you have already installed a sufficiently new
version, th
is error\n");
        printf("*** probably means that the wrong copy of the glib-config
script is\n");
        printf("*** being found. The easiest way to fix this is to remove
the ol
d version\n");
        printf("*** of GLIB, but you can also set the GLIB_CONFIG
environment to
 point to the\n");
        printf("*** correct copy of glib-config. (In this case, you will
have to
        printf("*** modify your LD_LIBRARY_PATH enviroment variable, or edit
        printf("*** so that the correct libraries are found at
  return 1;


Rich Katz

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Hi, Richard!

Using: RedHat 6.2 on i86 (Pentium 450 Mhz) with X, Gnome installed, --
but I use the system a lot via telnet.

Whenever you are reporting problems in software ALWAYS mention what
version of software you are using.

Use at least the last stable version, which is currently 4.5.54.
Reporting problems with older versions is often useless, because the code
changes and the developers are fixing the problems.

Pavel Roskin

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