App. faults in X-term from F-3

Hi all:
  I just compiled mc-4.5.54-2001-07-13-00.tar.gz and 
I still get:

  with a text file highlighted (or any other kind) 

if I press:     | in console use I get: | in X-term I get:
F-1             | help                  | nothing
F-2             | user menu             | same as F-9  *
F-3             | enter viewer          | mc app. faults
F-4             | enter editor          | nothing

F-5             | copy                  | nothing

F-6 to F-10 work normally

 * F-9 normally drops down the right panel menu, F-2 first 
drops the left panel menu, after F-9 is pressed, F-2 drops 
the same menu as F-9. 

  The icons of the function keys work normally, just too hard 
for me to hit with my poor eyesight.

  I use enlightenment with Slackware Ver. 7.1
  With E-term or X-term or rxvt terminals.
(E-term is enlightenment's terminal program)
  The problem I downloaded the new version had been cured.

  73 (= Best Regards) de: Ron ka4inm qsl net  SENT Time and Date are UTC
      I upgraded to LINUX, the more I use it, the more I love it.
        It doesn't do everything for you, you must program it.
         Visit my HAM Web SITE at:

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