Installation problems

Hello.  I hope this is the right way to post to the list. I'm having
some installation problems with MC, and I'm just trying to send a
message requesting help.

The last error message I received is:

*** No rule to make target `../gnome/achown.c' needed by `mc.pot'. Stop.

But I received one before that also - where there were some undefines in
slint.c.   To get around these, I changed

#define SLANG_VERSION 9938

in slang/slang.h.

to 10001.

Other notes:
1. But... I can't find out very much about slang - so I have no idea if
I'm doing the right thing or not.   I don't know whether the OS I have
even uses Slang.   I'm just trying to get MC to build.

In fact the two books I have on Linux don't even mention Slang.  Is
there one recommended book or group of books for Linux that cover these

2. I checked the config.log.  There is no mention of any of the

And I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to look for.

3. What do I do about the No rule to make target for achown.c problem?

4.  Is there a version of MC already built for Redhat?

Using: RedHat 6.2 on i86 (Pentium 450 Mhz) with X, Gnome installed, --
but I use the system a lot via telnet.

Many thanks.


Rich Katz

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