Re: Installing Problems

Hi Pavel,

I downloading the last snapshot from that link and everything installed
fine.  There's one problem.   I run mc inside an xterm window and I get a
problem enter a directory.
For example, I enter /bin in mc, in the command propmt it would say:
"Warning: Couldn't change to /bin"

However, mc lists the directory fine.

Thanks in Advance.

Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hi, Francis!

I downloading glib 1.2.10 and made it past the config.  I get stuck now
during the make.  I"m running on a sparc-sun-solaris2.6 box.

Well, it's already better.

Making all in po
file=./`echo pt_BR | sed 's,.*/,,'`.gmo \
  && rm -f $file && /atm/atmtools/local/bin/msgfmt --statistics -o $file
/atm/atmtools/local/bin/msgfmt: unrecognized option `--statistics'

I'm surprized.  Are you still using mc-4.5.54 or the snapshot?  Or maybe
you are compiling from CVS?

I took mc-4.5.54 and I couldn't find the word "--statistics" in it.
Could you find out where it comes from?

Another strange thing is that pt_BR is processed first.  Presumably, other
*.gmo files are up to date.  There is a 7 seconds difference between and pt_BR.po - maybe your make cannot sense this or the
filesystem doesn't preserve seconds?  But most likely you have touched
`po/pt_BR.po' - then try

make GMSGFMT=true all install

If you have more problems please take the last snapshot from and tell us whether the problems
persist. Thank you in advance.

Pavel Roskin

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