Re: how to print a file with mcedit

Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hi, Jose!

Sorry Steef but I'm not agree with you, a sample print function is
present in almost every editor.
Anyway I don't see coherence in what you said Steef.
If mcedit is a program for editing files may you explain me why it has a
command to sending mail (see Command-->Mail) ?
I think this feature is more unusual than a print function in an editor. ;)

I'm placing this issue to my TODO list.  Should be easy to do if we only
support lpr and rely on UNIX pipes.  This won't work on Windows, of

Hence, there will be a windows printing port patch soon and before we
know it  mcedit is 20Mb uncompiled. Like emacs.

Remember: any half-supported function is an UNSUPPORTED FUNCTION.

So this brings up the question: do we want to clogg mcedit with platform
specific functions or do we want it to be a maintainable piece of


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