Re: A requirement for the current user to own ttys


Why do you think on my system I cannot access vcs* devices. As far as I remember I never said that.

You did include the output of "ls -l /dev/vcs*" on your system, showing that they're owned by vcsa and chmod 600. So, they are not directly accessible to your 'echo' or 'ghost' users. They might be accessible via cons.saver.
I am sorry if didn't make it clear. On my system cons.saver is owned by the vcsa user and has the setuid bit. vcs* devices are owned by the vcsa user as well, and the user has read/write permissions.

Once again, my questions were only about tty devices. I do not know why you're answering questions I never asked.
I am not sure if the same security policy should be applied to vcs* devices.

So, again, if I'm not mistaken, cons.saver basically does the following: Based on the ownership, permissions etc. of _/dev/ttyX_, it either grants or denies access to _/dev/vcsaX_. You cannot examine the ttyX and the vcsaX story independently from each other. They are both part of 1 single complex story.


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