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Perhaps having something like "save directory paths", "other-dir" or similar as Paul mentioned could be added with the default to just be ON.  This could always be overridden by unchecking it and saving settings.

This is complicated. Not especially to implement, but to present on the UI in a manner that's obvious to users.

So, you'd move one single option to the realm of another config. How about also boundling current_is_left with this option? Why, or why not?

How about all the other options? What if someone else wants a different option to be saved upon exit? Will we introduce another meta-option for them?
Where would the new option "save directory paths" belong? Would this option itself be saved according to the already existing "auto-save setup" or according to itself?

  But no one will ever complain about having this back because no one complained until it was lost when mc 4.8 came out :)

(Assuming it was indeed changed with 4.8) no one except you complained about it for the last 4.5 years, which is also a good way to measure the importance of such an option.

While I understand your request and the rationale behind it, I'm really uncertain that mc should move in this direction.

How about, for the time being, you enable auto-save and create a simple wrapper script for yourself that replaces your mc configs (restores everything except for other_dir) before starting up mc?

I'm also thinking that _if_ we're indeed concerned that this and only this particular option deserves a special treatment, I'm wondering whether other_dir is better to be remembered globally or per-terminal. Maybe the latter, in which case we might go towards "mc -P" printing it in a certain format, and storing it in an environment variable (somewhat similar concept to how the current directory is handled now)...


Would this really be too hard?

We're talking about default fresh install settings. I don't like mc saving settings unless I tell it, also. But to make things easy for new users, what should the default setting be?

I vote for auto-save. It makes mc "seem" smart.

Peace and Cheer
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