Re: "mc is over!?" - post by Ilia Maslakov on Russian-speaking IT site

Everything you said is right. But what current mc lacks are new features. Developers can be very good at code refactoring or cleaning-up or rewriting the editor to support charset detection... but in reality what people want is the tool that do what THEY want - and yes, plugins ARE the solution. Just give people a chance and github would bursting with mc extensions...

So that's why I suggested you - in my opinion you are trying to change a course to the right direction.

Another thing is the fact that the team is going to pass the project to guy why, i believe, is more anonymous to the project than you. I have nothing against Luca, do not misunderstand me, but still prefer the poll.

On May 27, 2015 11:42 AM, "Mooffie" <mooffie gmail com> wrote:
On 5/27/15, Volodymyr Buell <vbuell gmail com> wrote:
> Please organise a pol to choose a right person.
> Personally my opinion - why not to give a steering wheel to Mooffie

Hey, hold the horses. I'm not at all a programming hotshot, and being
practically anonymous here so far, I should be treated with suspicion.
To borrow the [in]famous idiom, I haven't proven myself to be "real
man" ;-) And nobody has actually looked into my code yet. There are
better people here who have shown aptitude, responsibility and
dedication for years (Egmont comes to mind).

> It seems [that Mooffie] did much more for mc than anybody
> else in past few years.

No, that's patently untrue. First, it's just an illusion that writing
mc^2 involved a lot of work. Second, Andrew Borodin has been doing a
tremendous (and fantastic) work of cleaning up the code. People
perhaps aren't aware of this. It won't be right to say that MC

As an aside:

As one for whom MC is the center of the universe, I was surprised to
learn that this is not the case for everybody, and that MC's lifeblood
was not flowing as strong as one would imagine. Until a year or two
ago I was convinced MC's development was financed and steered by the

I'd guess, based on my own experience, that people (that is,
programmers) are simply not aware of MC's predicament. After all, how
would they? There's no sign for that unless one stumbles upon specific
posts here.

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