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27.05.2015 13:37, Paul Sokolovsky пишет:

Hi all,

The current maintainers, namely Andrew Borodin, Slava Zanko, Ilia 
Maslakov, Sergei Trofimovich - please provide full disclosure of
what happens within your team. Whatever it is, please show goodwill
by adding Egmont Koblinger to the maintainer team, if he agrees
(including discussions and commit access), to show that the project
wasn't usurped by Soviet Obkom.

Yes, I confirm that our team as fact has ended to develop mc. Ilia has
issues with access to internet from his work, at home he has much
stronger  priorities with family, the same for Andrew. As for me, I
have heavy loading on work, after work I very busy on building my
house. So there is no time for development mc.

And of course, we are opened for any of our wishes to develop mc. Just
let me know if someone wants to participate in development and I'll
give write access to repo/wiki/transifex and I'll do some knowledge
transfer about usual workflows (such as: preparing for release, code
styling, where our ContinuousIntegration is placed and so on).

I hope, mc will rise again with new blood.

And I agree with Andrew: "It weren't worst 5 years in my life"
Yeah, it was five happy years for me :)

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