"mc is over!?" - post by Ilia Maslakov on Russian-speaking IT site


There was a post on a popular Russian-speaking IT site geektimes.ru
authored from an account with an associated full name "Ilia Maslakov"
titled (translated) "ms is over!?": http://geektimes.ru/post/250964/

Link to author's account is at the bottom of the article:
http://geektimes.ru/users/smind/ , it has 6th position in user's
ratings on site, so likely belongs to the person named.

The summarized translation is:

Lately, a leading developer wrote in developer's conference: 
"andrew_b: I closed bunch of tickets, but that's likely it. All comes
to its end. It weren't worst 5 years in my life. mc is currently as
briefcase without a handle: pity to drop, pity to carry. I'm tired of
all that, I quit."
So, mc development history led by our team comes to a milestone.
Myself, I haven't done a commit to master in over a year.

The post is written in a clear FUD manner, and implies too many
far-fetched things, like: that departure of a maintainer means death of
the project, that not this list titled mc-devel is where important
discussion and announcements happen, but on "delevoper's conference"
where people speak Russian, etc.

The current maintainers, namely Andrew Borodin, Slava Zanko, Ilia
Maslakov, Sergei Trofimovich - please provide full disclosure of what
happens within your team. Whatever it is, please show goodwill by
adding Egmont Koblinger to the maintainer team, if he agrees (including
discussions and commit access), to show that the project wasn't usurped
by Soviet Obkom.  

 Paul                          mailto:pmiscml gmail com

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