Translations and Transifex


Last week I've got admin access to the Transifex account and have been
trying to figure out what's going on there.

1) I've worked through the translator applications which have been
simply piling up for a couple of years. I've accepted the ones that
looked reasonable to me, and rejected ones that have been submitted long
time ago and since then the profile had no trace of activity.

2) I've also looked through all the languages and deleted translators
that have never submitted anything ever since they joined and/or have
been inactive for 3+ years.

This involved looking through hundreds of accounts, so I could have
easily removed someone by accident; in this case, please feel free to
re-apply and I will grant you the translation rights again!

3) I have restored the syncing of Transifex and GitHub repository and it
has fetched the updated POT-file in. I don't know for how long it's been
broken, but I'd assume for quite awhile, so please have a look at your
favorite language, there is generally quite some work to be done.

On a related note, I've made a small patch that would hopefully prevent
sync failures in the future, if this was indeed the reason why it got
stuck in the first place: .

4) I want to delete fi_FI and sv_SE from the mc repository. They are
less complete than the ones on Transifex (or so it seems), and I don't
see the point in having both fi & fi_FI and sv & sv_SE.

5) I'm not sure of what to do with languages with <5% coverage. On one
hand, it seems pointless to have them in mc, but on the other hand, it
simply makes synchronization easier.

6) There is a couple more issues that I have identified and I will
create separate threads for those.

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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