Transifex and Russian & Italian translations


I have found out that two files "ru.po" and "it.po" out of several
dozens are excluded from synchronization with Transifex.

1) I understand that Russian translation was lately done directly in the
repository by Andrew, and he said that he was manually uploading these
updates to Transfixes. I have checked the current state, and the
Transifex version was behind the one in the repo; I have fixed this.

2) In what concerns the Italian one, I understood from Slava that the
maintainer (Marco Ciampa) didn't want to use Transifex for some reason.
I checked it and it seems that it is more complete in the repository, as
compared to Transifex. Now, the curious part is that I can see that it
has been updated by Piotr Drąg rather recently.

Could we please move EVERYTHING to Transifex? It does have a command
line client, which is very easy to use and allows to upload & download
translations literally with two commands (tx pull and tx push), if one
doesn't want to use the web interface. I'm happy to try to help with
that if anyone really needs help; I've just tried it, and it's no big
deal at all.

Otherwise, shall we at least somehow block people from using Transifex
for the languages that are being committed directly to the repository? I
do not like the current situation, because it seems that people doing
stuff on Transifex are not aware of what's going on the git repository
and vice versa. I think it's a really bad scenario when people invest
time in doing translations, and their work is just discarded.

Any comments?

Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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