Re: Bug tracker doesn't work

On Sat, Dec 13, 2014 at 1:36 PM, Paul Sokolovsky <pmiscml gmail com> wrote:

I can confirm this behavior when posting comments to tickets too.

I can see some of the developers (most notable probably andrew_b and
slavazanko) still creating branches, fixing bugs on random one-off

In the mean time, you can see in the archives of mc-bugs that it's
full of duplicate reports (actually many bugs filed like 5-10 times
due to broken trac) and full of spam and fake registrations.

Dear developers, dear Andrew, Slava and others,

I'd like you to understand that at this point that fixing the
development architecture and process of mc is the most critical issue,
pretty much blocking everything else.

Apparently you don't have much time, that's okay, but please stop
spending that little time on one-off minor bugfixes, and please please
pretty-pretty-please focus all your efforts on fixing trac and fixing
the problem with lack of developer resources.  Please work on getting
new people on the project, work on getting yourselves out of the way
from being the bottlenecks.

At this point, you spending your time on fixing issues like pasting in
mcedit (to mention one random) won't get the project anywhere other
than its grave.  You need to fix the development processes so that
others can join the effort and they can fix pasting in mcedit and
hundreds of similar technical issues, without being blocked by a
broken bugtracker and nonresponsive developers.


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