Re: Bug tracker doesn't work


On Sat, 13 Dec 2014 15:23:03 +0100
Egmont Koblinger <egmont gmail com> wrote:


At this point, you spending your time on fixing issues like pasting in
mcedit (to mention one random) won't get the project anywhere other
than its grave.  You need to fix the development processes so that
others can join the effort and they can fix pasting in mcedit and
hundreds of similar technical issues, without being blocked by a
broken bugtracker and nonresponsive developers.


Well, it's certainly not bad that maintainers keep fixing bugs per
their local queues, but ignoring most of the other project
communication doesn't call for bright thoughts about project process
and future.

Regarding brokenness of the current project infrastructure, if we
really talk about "project dying", one approach is not to exert
"extraordinary" (*) effort to revamp it and then keep applying same
"extraordinary" effort to maintain it. Instead, current infra can be
frozen and development process switched completely to a quality "for
free" offering, specifically github.

(*) If people say "I didn't have much free time in last 3-4 years",
then any effort taking more 15min average daily is "extraordinary".


Best regards,
 Paul                          mailto:pmiscml gmail com

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